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Relationship with the
Foreign Migration Service (SME).

 SME (1)

Under the new policy of private investment, the procedure for obtaining privileged visas has been changed so UTIP now takes responsibility for the conduction of the process and articulation with the SME.

The Investor or representative shall submit to UTIP, in accordance with Article 70 of Presidential Decree No. 108/11, of the 25th of May, the following documents:

  1. Completed Investment form;
  2. Criminal record certificate issued by the authorities of the country of habitual residence or origin, translated and duly recognized;
  3. Medical certificate from the country of origin, translated and duly recognized;
  4. 3 passport photos;
  5. Passport Photocopy including the main pages and pages containing information of migration;
  6. Statement by the investor undertaking to comply with Angolan laws
  7. Copy of the private investment registration certificate
  8. Proof of capital import license
  9. valid Power of Attorney in favor of the person who represents the investor;
  10. Proof of payment of the fee for the immigration act requested.


Relationship with the
General Tax Authority (AGT).

AGT (1)

AGT is the authority that executes the tax and exchange policies of the Angolan government. It plays a fundamental role in the execution of a private investment policy. AGT’s attributions are:

  1. Grant tax and customs benefits on a case-by-case basis to approved investment projects;
  2. Monitor compliance within the limits set by law;
  3. Suspend or request cancellation when it detects circumvention of the purpose for which the tax and customs incentives were granted;
  4. Speak to private investors regarding the grant of tax and customs incentives;


Relationship with the
National Bank of Angola.


As the central and issuing bank, the National Bank of Angola, ensures the preservation of the value of the national currency and participates in the definition of the monetary, financial and foreign exchange policies. In the national private investment policy, the Bank’s attributions are:

  1. Perform the licensing of capitals importation operations of approved private investment projects;
  2. Establish the legal mechanisms that allow the transfer abroad of profits and investment dividends, settlements, royalties or other indirect compensation incomes associated with the transfer of technology.