Required Documents


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List of documents for submission of proposals for private investment (in accordance with Section 15 – Presidential Decree No. 182/15 of the 30th of September):

  1. Filled in Project submission form;
  2. Copies of the legal documentation of the applicant: statutes and business registration certificate (corporate body) and copy of the passport and criminal register (individual), translated and duly recognized;
  3. Technical, economic and financial feasibility studies of the investment project;
  4. Investment agreement Proposal (implementation schedule of the project, training plan for the local workforce and replacement plan for expatriates), submitted electronically and physically;
  5. Study of the environmental impact of the investment project;
  6. Documents certifying the financial and technical health of the company promoting the private investment;
  7. For already established businesses the following documents must also be submitted:
  8. Document which certifies that the company is in legal conditions for the exercise of their activity;
  9. Statement of no debt issued by the General Tax Administration and the National Institute of Social Security;
  10. Documents proving the absence of any debt to the financial system;
  11. Organized financial demonstrations for the last three fiscal years.

NOTE: Two copies must be submitted for each document