Investor Protections


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Chapter V of the Private Investment Law grants warranties, rights and duties to the investor which correspond to the set of requirements for investor comfort with emphasis on the transfer of profits and dividends.


Rights and Guarantees

  • Free access to the courts;
  • Payment of a fair, prompt and effective compensation;
  • Protection and respect for professional, banking and commercial secrecy;
  • Transfer of dividends or distributed profits;
  • Transfer of the product resulting from the liquidation of the investment;
  • Transfer of payments and royalties.


Duties of Investors.

  • Respect the time limits for the import of capitals and implementation of the investment project according to the contract signed;
  • Promote training of the local workforce and progressively “Angolanize” technical and management positions;
  • Respect the rules on the protection of the environment;
  • Comply with the rules on hygiene, safety and security at work against occupational diseases, accidents and other eventualities accounted for in labour legislation;