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The guidelines of the National Policy for Private Investment, allows us to identify the following priority sectors and industries for the attraction for private investment:

  • Agricultural production;
  • Manufacturing for supply chains (food, textiles, wood, clothing and footwear / import substitution);
  • Industry of construction materials;
  • Industry for recycling of paper, plastics;
  • Metallurgical industry (steel, copper, zinc, lead and other minerals;
  • Equipment Industry;
  • Other industries.

Sectors with compulsory partnership, (Article 9 of the Private Investment Law) defines the sectors Obligation Partnership (35% with Angolan citizens reflected in the capital and effective participation), namely:


  • Electricity and Water;
  • Hospitality and Tourism ;
  • Transport and Logistics ;
  • Construction;
  • Telecommunications & information technology;
  • Mass media.