Message from the Director, Norberto Garcia

Dear investors, entrepreneurs, businessmen and interested parties in matters of Private Investment in Angola.

Welcome to the web page of UTIP, The Private Investment Technical Unit, which thanks you for visiting our web-page.

Angolan is an African country with an extension of 1,246,400 km², bordering the Atlantic Ocean, vast natural resources, potential and opportunities for investment.

The Angolan market on one hand has the challenge of diversifying the economy and on the other hand, the challenge of being able to attract foreign investment for the non-oil sectors.

In October of 2015, the Angolan government approved a new legal framework for private investment and consequently, the creation of UTIP. The Private Investment Technical Unit is a specialized unit of continuous support to the Head of the Executive Branch for the preparation, conduct, evaluation and negotiation of private investment projects with investment value exceeding the equivalent of USD 10 million.

At a moment when the strategy of the Angolan Executive is to increase national production and exports of the produced goods and services, investors are starting to notice that there are plenty of opportunities to develop the national production of goods.

The current business climate is one of replacement of imports by exports, which creates opportunities for investment projects targeted to the prioritised productive sectors such as agriculture, agricultural industry, industry, fisheries, energy, water, infrastructure, among others.

We are partners of the investors in their interactions with all public bodies involved in the assessment procedures, execution and implementation of investment projects. It urges an increase of internal and external funds that can result in a change of the gross capital formation in Angola, able to provide a significant increase in the quantities of local products in supply for the population and for export.

The noble mission of processing private investment projects in the prioritised sectors to help further the growth and development of Angola inspires every employee at UTIP to apply their technical and interpersonal skills, with a spirit of commitment, selflessness and transparency without equal.

Consequently, UTIP is ready to receive investors and “help them to the best of our ability“.

On behalf of the whole organization I appeal to investors to formulate solid and structural projects to attend to the internal and external market, with the certainty that they will be profitable and provide good returns-on-investment, when the time of repatriation of profits arrives.

The Production of Goods and Services for Export

Angola hand-in-hand with Private Investment towards the diversification of the national economy.

“We Believe in Private Investment!”

The Director

Norberto Garcia