The Private Investment national policy's main objectives are the attraction of qualified investment, substitution of the imports of basic staple products, promotion of exports of higher value-added products and the diversification of the national economy.

Thus the advantages of investing in Angola, are:

Geo-strategic Location: Angola has a maritime extension of 1,650 km, territorial extension of 1,246,700 km²; it is located in the commercial region of SADC (Society of Austral Africa Countries) with a consumer market of 200 million habitants and a prominent free trade zone; insider relationships with PALOP (African Portuguese-Speaking Countries) and CPLP (Community of the Portuguese-Speaking Countries) countries, which have more than 250 million habitants.

Abundant Natural Resources: water, petroleum, iron, diamonds, forests, cultivable land and favourable microclimate to the various types of crops.

Sources of hydro energy: use of hydroelectricity in Capanda, Lauca, Cambambe, Calueque, Lomaum, etc.

Socio-political stability: secure environment for business, Rule of Law and Respect and Protection of Private Property.

Network of infrastructures in support of production in construction: In addition to these advantages, the Private Investment Law - Law #14/15 of August, establishes incentives and tax benefits to private investment projects.


Recursos naturais abundantes

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